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Find out a bit of history about the Jarvis Method. (Story and Myth, May 1996)

Sometimes the "experts" call for theme characters, even when the story calls for action characters. See why they make that mistake. (Story and Myth, June 1996)

Writers write with neither pure subconscious inspiration nor blind allegiance to structure. See whether you agree. And read about a man who discovered the significance of one when writing the Premise of a story. (Story and Myth, July 1996)

You can't write a good story if all you have is a list of plots. And you can't write a good story if you have a lot of good ideas but no sound structure. Mr. Jarvis explains. (Story and Myth, August 1996)

Jurassic Park illustrates what it takes to turn a motion picture into a box-office smash It also illustrates, as Mr. Jarvis explains, how even a box-office smash can be weakened by both premise and structure flaws. (Story and Myth, September/October 1996)

Mythological archetypal qualities make for great characters. Batman proves that! (Story and Myth, November 1996)

Take a sentimental journey with Mr. Jarvis through Dickens' A Christmas Carol, a perfect example of the Internal Transformation story. (Story and Myth, December 1996)

Mr. Jarvis places his renowned JARVIS METHOD within an historical context here by presenting a brief but insightful history of the teaching and interpretation of story structure. (Story and Myth, January 1997)

Discover the secrets of love-story making with Mr. Jarvis, as he finds the perfect potion for great love stories. (Story and Myth, February 1997)

See why sometimes you can't live with formatting...and you can't live without it. Mr. Jarvis explains why some screenplays never get sold. (Story and Myth, March 1997)

John Jarvis takes us through a world-history lesson to remind us that truly great fictional characters are molded not from ordinary individuals but from extraordinary supermen, the stuff of myth, legend, and greatness. Also, this year's Academy-Award winning movies are interpreted using the Jarvis Method... And much more. (Story and Myth, April 1997)

Our team of writers present articles about Gate Guardians and Shape Changers, Word power, and mythical fantasy, as well as advice on getting started for young writers and analyses of The Saint and Batman Returns. (Story and Myth, May 1997)

Articles on the mythologization of the male hero, where to find the best writing advice, as well as the critical distinction between genre and Story Type. Also a detailed analysis of Citizen Kane. (Story and Myth, June 1997)

Anonymous takes us on a somewhat imaginary voyage through history, uncovering through fiction the ways that man has changed (or perhaps not changed) his perspective. Richard Farley continues his fascinating look into the Music of the Mythospheres, this time focusing on the fire and sun, the magical archetypes that have lit the imagination not only of the story-teller but of all mankind. John Jarvis looks at that tricky plot known as the subplot. And "Type Casting" examines that classic story/film Great Expectations. Gary Kriss contiues his series that looks at the Bible as a writing course.(Story and Myth, July 1997)

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